Fast and easy care for your pool and spa does NOT mean cutting corners on safety. Every Kem-Tek product comes with detailed instructions for usage, storage and safety. We want your pool and spa to be fun and family friendly, for years to come.

  • Always read the labels thoroughly
  • Follow the directions carefully for usage, handling and storage
  • Add products into the water of your pool or spa; never pour water over chemical products
  • Add each product separately to your pool or spa
  • Wear rubber gloves when handling products
  • Be aware of fumes, dust and fine particles and avoid direct contact
  • Reseal containers carefully after each use
  • Wash your hands after adding products to your pool or spa
  • Dispose of any spilled products carefully, according to the directions on the label
  • Store all your products according to label instructions in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place outside of the home
  • Keep all your pool and spa products out of reach of children and pets
  • Don’t mix any pool or spa product together, or add in any other chemicals to your products
  • Don’t over-add products to pool or spa water
  • Don’t smoke around products
  • Don’t add water to any chemical products
  • Don’t allow dry products to become damp or wet
  • Don’t use a household or shop vacuum to clean up a liquid or dry product spill
  • Don’t add products near the inlets of the circulation system.

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Keep your loved ones safe around the pool and spa

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Our Products are safer for families, for pets and safer to store. Go Now>

Our Products are safer for families, for pets and safer to store.