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When you use bromine, chlorine and an ozonator together, you can keep your spa clean and sanitized using less bromine. You can shock the spa using chlorine to destroy micro-organisms and contamination that entered the spa when it was used, which then lets the bromine build back up. Ozone keeps clean water clean, but you will still need chlorine or bromine in your water to make sure it is sanitized properly.

An ozonator introduces ozone into the water, destroying micro-organisms and contamination. The ozonator only works on low speed and, therefore, ozone is introduced into the water at certain intervals. Once the ozonator is shut off, there is no continuing sanitation. Because of this, most manufacturers recommend the use of a backup sanitizer system such as bromine to provide the sanitizer residual during the periods that the ozonator is not operating. Shocking the water requires a chlorination product. If your ozonator is operating properly and for an appropriate amount of time, just maintain a small bromine residual to sanitize the water whenever the ozonator is not operating. A level of 1-2 parts per million (ppm) of free bromine should work, and a level of 3-5 ppm of bromine should provide a maximum degree of protection. If your pool is equipped with an ozone system, consult your owner’s manual for specific guidelines and instructions.

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