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This device is designed to release the proper amount of bromine or chorine to maintain free bromine at 2-6 parts per million (ppm) or free chlorine to 1-3 ppm, after calibration for the size of your pool or spa. Periodic shocking and adjustment for heavy use also is recommended.

  • Shock the water to 5-10 ppm chlorine using one of our fast-acting products
  • Place the dispenser in spa or pool with about 3-4 bromine tablets for each 100 gallons of spa water
  • Test the bromine or chlorine daily for the next few days; if the bromine stays between 2-6 ppm, the float is calibrated
  • If it remains above 6 ppm, use fewer tablets and continue testing
  • If the bromine level drops below 2 ppm, add fast-acting chlorine to get a 3-5 ppm reading and add extra bromine tablets
  • Repeat this procedure until the bromine remains between 2-6 ppm over several days
  • Replenish tablets on a weekly basis; the amount of tablets used each week will increase as water temperature and use of the spa increase
  • This may also require repeating the calibration process if the bromine or chlorine reading drops below 2 ppm for bromine or 1 ppm for chlorine, before refilling the float
  • Refill the dispenser as often as is needed to keep up with demand

Maintenance tips

  • Use fresh test kit solutions
  • Shock based on usage; twice a month for regular usage; weekly for frequent usage and after heavy usage or rain
  • Dispensers are not designed to adjust the bromine or chlorine in a spa or small pool; if you have heavy use or the float runs out of tablets, shock the water with a chlorinating project, then adjust the bromine level to at least 6 ppm or the chlorine level to at least 5 ppm; fill the dispenser with the proper amount to product to achieve this

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