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Our Adjustable Dispenser is designed to be self-feeding, releasing the proper amount of chlorine to maintain free chlorine at 1-3 parts per million (ppm) after adjustment for the pool's size and average usage. It only requires refilling when it tilts in the water, indicating it is empty. It is recommended for pools of 15,000 gallons and up.

  • Shock the water to 5-10 parts ppm chlorine using one of our fast-acting products
  • Place the dispenser in pool with approximately 8 ounces of tablets (one 3-inch tablet or sixteen 1-inch tablets) for each 4,000 to 5,000 gallons of pool water
  • To activate the dispenser, remove the bottom two knobs and follow the instructions for removing one of the side knobs based on the size of your pool
  • Test the free chlorine daily for the next few days
  • If the chlorine stays between 1-3 ppm, the dispenser is calibrated
  • If it remains above 3 ppm, use fewer tablets and continue testing
  • If the chlorine drops 1 ppm, add fast-acting chlorine to get a 3-5 ppm reading and add extra tablets; repeat until the chlorine remains between 1-3 ppm over several days
  • Replenish tablets on a weekly basis; the amount of tablets used each week will increase as water temperature and use of the pool increase
  • If the chlorine reading drops below 1 ppm before the current products in the dispenser are fully dispensed, shock the pool and repeat the adjustment process
  • Once you have gotten the water in the proper range, add your 3-inch tablet or enough 1-inch tablets as frequently as needed to keep the product level in the Floating Chlorinator consistent

Note:​ When adjusting the opening, note that the widest setting needs fewer tablets in the float than when using the narrowest setting. The advantage of the narrowest setting is the float can go longer between refills for extended absences or vacations. When using the float in vinyl pools, the narrowest setting is recommended to minimize bleach mark problems on water surface line. Shock based on season

  • Winter: Monthly
  • Spring/Fall: Twice a month
  • Summer: Weekly

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