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There are a few things that can cause cloudy water in your pool or spa. Let’s investigate.

  • Check ​ the filter system for malfunction; the filter may be plugged up or it may need chemical cleaning, usually indicated by filter pressure above 20 pounds per square inch (psi)
  • Check the filter; it could have holes that are letting fine particles pass through it
  • Check your pump to make sure it is operating effectively
  • Check your filtration system and lines
  • Make sure you are running the filter long enough to clean your pool
  • Air could be trapped in your filtration system; usually indicated with 0 psi or a very low filter pressure or lack of water flow
  • Your water level could be too low, preventing proper flow
  • Next, test water for total alkalinity and pH or hardness levels; these levels may be too high
  • Check the water for low chlorine level and check for presence of dead algae
  • For help with a specific question, you can call our free helpline at 1-800-SOS-POOL (767-7665)

If you are having trouble maintaining the proper chlorine levels, or if algae is starting to grow, see the troubleshooting green algae or dull green water page [Links to Dull Green Water]

  • After you fix the cause, shock the water with one of our Step One shock products
  • Use Ultra Clarifier to drop out small particles the filter will not catch
  • Use Metal and Calcium Eliminator to avoid stains

Destroys organic contaminants

Clears cloudy water due to high calcium levels