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  • Test your pool or spa water, and adjust the pH level of the water to 7.4
  • Shock with a Kem-Tek Step 3 shock product, at two or three times the normal shock treatment; brush off any surface algae growth before doing this to improve the effectiveness of treatment
  • Treat pool with Mustard Algaecide at the algae treatment dosage and run your filter for 24 hours
  • After the 24 hours, check water to confirm it has no visible color, indicating the algae is dead
  • Then use any of the following: Algaecide 60% Concentrated, Green Algaecide, Phosphate Remover or Algaecide and Clarifier as part of your normal maintenance to help prevent further problems
  • Use Metal and Calcium Eliminator to help prevent stains
  • For help with a specific question, you can call our free helpline at 1-800-SOS-POOL (767-7665)

Destroys organic contaminants

Treats and prevents algae