Along with our fast and easy 1-2-3 system for pool care, Kem-Tek also offers an array of accessories to help you get more done – and have more fun – with your pool. Browse categories and click for more information.

To get the most fun out of your pool, test the water regularly, with our five-way test kit. It has everything you need to:

Our Four-Way Test Strips offer fast and simple test results. With just a touch of pool water, these strips can:

Handy refills of the testing agents for our testing kits.

Our Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) filter aid works with your D.E. pool filter to keep water clean and clear.

Our pumice stone is perfect for cleaning tile and concrete surfaces at your gunite plaster pool.

Gets rid of calcium deposits that build up in and around your pool.

Add your pool products in, adjust the setting for amount of product to be dispensed, and drop it into your pool. Boom. Done. Fast and easy pool care from Kem-Tek, so you can get back to enjoying your pool.

Get the surface temperature and the temperature at the bottom of your pool, with our sink/float thermometer.

Use our simple, safe pool thermometer to keep track of water temperature.

This is a replacement vacuum head for in-ground pool cleaning systems.

Discharge hose works with your backwash system, to clean out your pool.

Replacement hoses for your pool vacuum system feature a universal fit.

Handy and durable, our telescopic pole was made to make your pool care easier.

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Our Products are safer for families, for pets and safer to store. Go Now>

Our Products are safer for families, for pets and safer to store.